Chị Dâu Quyến Rũ ()

Đạo diễn:Park Sun-Uk

Quốc gia:Hàn Quốc

Diễn viên:Yoon Se-na

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Chị Dâu Quyến Rũ


Phim Chị Dâu Quyến Rũ, Sister In Law Seduction 2017 You only live once. Jeong-min lives everyday in gambling debt and sex. He finds out his rich twin brother is missing and plans to take his place but his plans get complicated when his brother sister-in-law Sae-eun appears. Jeong-min and Sae-eun who loves him start living together. Will Jeong-min overcome Sae-eun seduction and put his brother wealth in his hands?


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